Gregor Walz Research & Consultancy is a one-person consultancy based in the Netherlands focusing on policy and practice of social issues.

Through his work for civil society organisations and research institutes, Gregor Walz has ten years of experience with qualitative and quantitative research, having worked for a variety of clients. His thematic experience lies in the area of social inclusion, human rights and diversity in society. He is also interested in issues concerning labour market and education, working conditions and social security.

His focus is on evaluation research, monitoring and impact assessment: looking back (ex-post), in the development of new programmes (ex-ante) and ongoing (ex-durante). As independent researcher he helps projects, programmes and organisations to make the effects of their interventions visible and to identify possibilities for improvement.

In addition, Gregor Walz Research & Consultancy supports organisations in the development of internal policies, e.g. on diversity, and in the setting up of monitoring structures. Gregor’s strength lies in his critical perspective, his pragmatic approach and his accessible writing style.

Gregor Walz Research & Consultancy works for civil society organisations, research institutions, private foundations and public authorities, in the Netherlands and internationally. Recent clients include the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, several Dutch ministries and the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.